Our History


Development of customized server rail


Development light / heavy weight C-rail


Development Aluminum Tool-less cross-rack server rail


  • Development of two Tool Less designs of dedicated servers rails。
  • Development 5mm thin server rail for classis 1U ~ 4U server dedicated track。
  • Development the 76mm super heavy weight track with the research and development of solar energy based products
  • Development action vehicle design structure of the steel ball rail system class light quality. Developed aviation use high load rails。


Actively develop and test server rails, to promote sales market demand. Development of composite materials with the use of aluminum alloy with high tensile steel, the development of ultra-thin aluminum track, with 448 and 440 1U ~2U chassis KVM double slides with aluminum rail ........ server system rails meet market。


Germany machine had been delivered to BY factory and also assembly and test machine in Aug, 2007. 43MM & 54MM full extension slides 、concealed and Expandable Clothes Rack W/ Ball Bearing slide were added to our product range.


We also realized the old system product have not completed power in the market. So we plan to buy the high quality machine from Germany. We also were going to survey Germany machine factory to study how to design good quality machine to us. And the meantime we also sign the purchase contract with Germany machine supplier.


The international steel market is currently experiencing shortages. We understand that our customers cannot accept increasing costs in this market. We, at Bin Yuann, are attempting to combat this by introducing more automation into our production processes.


During a long period of co-operation, we have obtained technical guidance and a research and development capability from the SCHOCK METAL COMPANY. This has finalized in our becoming an OEM manufacturer to SCHOCK METAL COMPANY in Asia.
We are now the recommended, specialist supplier of Ball Bearing Drawer Slides to SCHOCK METAL COMPANY.
The BY company have been appointed by " The General Electric Company" as their major supplier of ball bearing drawer slide.
Also due to our 100% performance rating, we have obtained the quality certification of the German company “ASIG”. We have passed the "Six Sigma" quality system testing and are now a "GE approved company"


Bin Yuann attained the international ISO9001 quality certification. This enabled us to increase our export customer base from 10% to 90% of our total manufacturing output. We are also taking part in international exhibitions to further increase our sales potential.


The new product range - 27MM & 17MM, was added. A new, second building was added to our factory to increase our manufacturing capabilities.


45MM & 46MM full extension slides were added to our product range.


We are specialist manufacturers of Ball Bearing Drawer Slides.
And we export of Roll Form and assembly machinery to become our customer’s production factories.


Company established—BIN YUANN FIRSTLINE INC., LTD.,
We are specializing in the exporting of hardware.