Suitable for 1U, 3U / 420-434mm Width Chassis

Sever Slide, Full Extension with (or without) bracket
Lengths: 12″-38″ [305-965mm]
Side space: 9.6mm [ 0.38″]

Model No.: SFL-41 (Sever Slide, Full Extension with bracket)
  SF-41  (Sever Slide, Full Extension without bracket)
Material: High Tensile Strength Steel Material
Height: 41mm [1.61″]
Side Space: 9.6mm [0.38″]
For Chassis Width: 1U, 3U / 420-434mm Width Chassis
Feature: Suitable for square hole rack
Load Ratings: up to 45 kg / 100lbs.
Lengths: 12″-38″ [305-965mm] (Size up by 2″)
Finish: Zinc Plated、ED Black、Zinc Black