3/4 Extension Box Drawer Slide
Side Space: 9.8mm [0.39″]
Load Ratings: 25 kg / 55 lbs.
Lengths: 305-711mm [12″-28″]

Model No.: SF-802 (Ball Bearing Drawer Slide)
Material: High Tensile Strength Steel Material
Mounting: Side

Lock function in extending position for easy drawer removal

and industrial cabinet applications such as Keyboard Slides.

Height: 35.3mm [1.39″]
Side Space: 9.8mm [0.39″]
Load Ratings: 25 kg / 55 lbs.
Lengths: 305-711mm [12″-28″]
Finish: Zinc, ED Black, Yellow Plated
  • The slide is provided with anti-friction guides to stabilize the chassis in the closed position and to serve as lead-in guides for easier reinsertion.
  • In this kind of design the inner rail can be separated from the outer rail. In such design there is an spring on  the inner rail. The inner rail can be fixed on the fixed position when it is pulled forward. If you want to pull out the inner rail and seperate it from the outer rail, just press the spring.